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The Poor Neglected Gen-Actives Webpage

Okay, and here's the newest addition, meant to spotlight my favorite Gen 13ers who also happen to be neglected! So step right up, don't mind the mess, and find out just a little more about Gen 13's two most neglected members: Grunge and Burnout.

Percival Edmund Chang, otherwise known as Grunge (hey, with a name like that, who can blame him?), has the ability to mimic the molecular structure of any material he touches. In english, he can transform any or all of his body into anything he touches, including stone, glass, metal, or Jell-o (if we're feeling particularly mean). He can pass on his morphing ability to other people as well, but so far this ability is extremely limited. He has a photographic memory, is also extremely fit, and has brown belts in Aikido, Kempo Karate, Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu. He was born in Hong Kong, but his father, Chang of Team 7, feared that IO would find out about him and so he was sent away while he was still a baby. He was raised in Seattle, and became the cold pizza-eating slacker that we have all come to know and love. He was part of IO's Project Genesis until he found out the true meaning of IO's plans, after which he escaped with Gen 13.

Bobby Lane, aka Burnout, can turn himself into and project high energy plasma, which becomes flame when exposed to oxygen (therefore making him kind of like the Fantastic Four's Human Torch). He is impervious to heat and can fly using the thermal updrafts he can create, as well as creating objects out of plasma such as shields or armor. He has extremely good control of his ability, and can melt glass into intricate sculptures (Chamber, take a lesson from this guy!). Actually, his code name comes from the nickname Burnout he was given in high school, because of his personality. Bobby is the son of the team's "teacher," John Lynch, who is the former IO director. He joined Project Genesis under false pretenses, and later escaped with Gen 13 and became part of the team. He plays guitar and rumor has it he likes Rainmaker, which puts him in a very interesting predicament ;). He is also currently attending the University of California in San Diego.

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Disclaimer: Grunge, Burnout, Gen13, or anything affiliated with them (again, characters, pix, etc.) are not mine. They belong to Image Comics and I just wanted to bring them out to give them some spotlight!