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Gen 13

Gen 13 is made up of five Gen-Active teenagers, all children of Team 7's members. They were recruited into IO's Project Genesis, designed to secretly breed a new generation of superhuman beings. Once they discovered the true nature of the project, the teens escaped with the help of former IO Director John Lynch.

Freefall | Fairchild | Grunge
Burnout | Rainmaker

Codename: Freefall
Name: Roxanne Spaulding
Freefall has the ability to "cancel out" the effects of gravity, allowing her to levitate and manipulate various objects, including herself (and most often Grunge). She is an orphan who never knew her real parents, but has found her family with Gen 13. She is the youngest member (16), and also the spunkiest. She currently has a (sometimes shaky) relationship with Grunge, and has just found out that she is the daughter of Alex Fairchild (much to her dislike).

Codename: Fairchild
Name: Caitlin Fairchild
Fairchild is gifted with incredible strength, as well as quick reflexes, super speed and intelligence. She is the daughter of Alex Fairchild as well, and oldest person on the team (second to Lynch, if he counts) and feels somewhat responsible for her teammates; she is also their unofficial leader.

Codename: Grunge
Name: Percival Edmund Chang
Grunge :)! A cold pizza-eating slob, Grunge is the epitome of the hormonally-charged, lazy male American teenager (who likes Star Trek!). He is the son of Team 7's Philip Chang, and has the ablility to molecularly mimic and substance he touches, absorbing it and making it bend to his will. He can sometimes pass this ability on to another person, and he even once absorbed Caitlin's Gen-Factor. He is Roxy's boyfriend of sorts, although I think the term "anything that breathes" may sometimes be appropriate...

Codename: Burnout
Name: Robert Lane
Bobby Lane, aka Burnout, has the ability to generate and project high-energy plasma. The plasma bursts into flame when it mixes with oxygen, thus creating his fire power. He is impervious to heat, and can fly by creating thermal updrafts. He has amazing control over his powers, down to the tiniest detail. He is the son of John Lynch, and seems to have come to accept this. He likes Rainmaker (although I don't think the feeling is quite mutual), and loves his guitar.

Codename: Rainmaker
Name: Sarah Rainmaker
Sarah Rainmaker is an Apache indian with the ability to control the natural elements, including the weather. She can direct water with a thought and fly by using air currents. She wears amplifier bands on her wrists that augment her electrical powers into a devastating and potent electrical blast. She is intelligent, likes to play the prima donna, and has an... alternative lifestyle.

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