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"here's a fact you cannot rise above:
we'll have problems and then we'll have bigger ones
spiteful confrontations, trial separations,
it's just another present to get past
most likely you go your way
i'll go mine
you wanted to go alone though
i never said no"

-"Problems & Bigger Ones", Harvey Danger

Welcome to the Massachusetts Academy, as seen through the eyes of Alison and Jennifer - Variance and Psyche. They're best friends, but what happens when both develop mutant powers and are sent off to Snow Valley to join Generation X and study with Banshee and the White Queen? Here is their story, as they struggle to figure out who they are in life, along with a couple of other things along the way. ;)

Al 'n Ange (Many thanks to GlockGal!!)

Problems and Bigger Ones

By JenX and JinxoLAL
Here's it is - the story that started it all! In the first PABO story, Alison and Jen arrive at the Academy to find that life isn't as simple as they thought it was... and neither is love.

Jen (Many more thanks to GlockGal!!)

Someone to Understand

By JinxoLAL
Immediately following her last scene in PABO, Alison finally pours her heart out to Ev, gaining a valuable friend in the process.

Open Closed

By JenX
Similarly, right after the last scene of PABO Jen and Jono have to deal with some issues of their own.

Precious Things

By JenX
When Emma discovers the link between Jen and Jono, their precarious relationship is put to the test.

Chambers of the Heart

By JenX
During a late-night storm, some of the students are awakened by its fury and secrets are told as they discover that they aren't alone in life.

Something In Between

By JenX and JinxoLAL
Well, here's the next fairly large-sized story, done in true PABO tag-team fashion. Jen deals with Jono while Alison and Angelo get sick and are quarantined for the day, only to have to deal with an issue that has (so I've been told - it wasn't intentional, really!!) been building since the very beginning.

**New!!** Ask the Lonely

By JinxoLAL
The events immediately following SiB (Something In Between - more fun acronyms!) concerning Alison and Angelo.

High Above Me

By JinxoLAL
A narrative from Angelo's point of view, set in the PABO universe concerning his feelings and experiences up to the end of "Ask the Lonely."

**Coming Soon!!**
Leavin' on a Jet Plane

By JenX and JinxoLAL
Jen and Alison must leave for the summer, but first they have to tie up things with Jono and Angelo, respectively. Each receives their own personal goodbye, and later Jen tries to get Alison to "talk" on the flight home while analyzing her own feelings about Jono.

What's in the Future?
Well, as for what's happening in the future for the PABO series, Jen and Alison must go home for the summer, but that doesn't keep them from staying in touch... does it?
Then I'd like to get to work on a different type of story. I don't know about you, but we're getting a bit sick of the overly emotional stuff. So here's the deal: we're going to cut down on some of the emotions, and deal with the powers for a bit. I mean, come on! They're mutants, for cryin' out loud! They fight bad guys and blow things up! Why d'you think they're called Generation X ?? Emotions will not be totally absent, sure (I mean, come on - you try starting a relationship and then leaving for three months!), but we're going to have some fun! Action! Hooyah!!

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"Growing Up" - Blink 182

Disclaimer: Just in case, I thought I'd mention that all characters here pertaining to Generation X, the X-Men, or any other such superhero types belong to Marvel. Alison and Jen belong to Jinxo and JenX, but drop us an email and we'd be glad to let ya write 'em!!