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The Uncanny X-Men

X-Men Theme
Okay - I guess as long as I'm going to pay homage to Iceman and Cannonball, I might as well say just how cool the rest of the team is, huh?

(Notice how neither Cannonball nor Iceman happen to be in the picture...) So-called "Children of the Atom," the homo sapiens superior that attend the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning in Salem Center, NY, gather in truth to protect the world - a world that hates and fears them (it's so unfair, isn't it?). These mutants are part of the X-Men, a team of powerful mutants striving to one day realize the dream of Charles Xavier: that humans and mutants might one day live together in peace. In the meanwhile, though, their quest makes for some interesting tales...(as well as some hilarious baseball games!)

The Uncanny X-Men
Generation X
The New Mutants
Mutant X
Hmm... well, what else am I supposed to say? Now I can't think of anything to write! Ack!

Al's Reviews:

I know these aren't always the most recent issues, but they're the last ones I read, so live with it!


X-Men # 84:
This one was pretty good, I thought. By now I was getting into the whole Xavier thing, and I think I almost understand it! Xavier getting his powers back is okay with me, I guess... he's just too pathetic without them. I ususally don't like him, but right about now he doesn't seem so bad. The art was good too, at least for the 1st half - did they double up on artists? 'Cause at some point the art suddenly looks totally different. Threw me off, but other than that, this was a really good issue - better than they have been!

X-Men # 85:
Magneto War?! Uh-oh.... No, really, this one was good as well. I liked the whole thing where Magneto interviewed the construction worker - said a lot about the world and humanity. But one thing bothers me - Joseph, Magneto, what? I'm sure they're going to explain it all next issue, but I'm wondering who Joseph is and if this is *really* Magneto. The side story with the X-Men saving the babies was good as well - it showed that not all people are closed-minded, and that people can be moved and changed. An interesting issue - I'd recommend it.

The Uncanny X-Men # 365:
A cute little side story, I thought. I didn't really know Colossus all that well before; I knew who he was, and most of his past, and I knew who Magik was and all that, but I liked how this issue focused around him. It helped me get to know and like him better. I also thought Marrow's Christmas present to him was cool, and that it showed that she's not as tough and unfeeling as she'd like us all to think. ;) A very cool issue, definitely worth getting.

Mutant X # 4:
I love this book! It's so cool! I didn't like the art as much (guest artist, I hope), but the story was cool and I'm looking forward to next issue so I can find out what's with the goblin thing. Poor Maddie! And poor Alex - he seems quite resigned to the fact that he's there for a while, but that's good 'cause that means many more issues to come! :) And he and Scottie seem to be getting along now too, so that's cool. A good issue - want more!

Mutant X # 5:
Wow! Things are starting to get more complicated, aren't they? I was ticked that Maddie killed Man-Spider (I mean, come on! I love Spidey, no matter what he calls himself or what universe it's in!), but that whole threat thing that she and Warren issued to Beast is definitely clueing me in as to their characters. I always liked Warren and thought he was cool; suddenly, he's not so cool anymore - he's mean and cruel. Now what? I know Beast is frightened, but Alex knows something's up. I'm eagerly awaiting the next issue to find out what's going to happen!!

Generation X # 47:
YAY!!! HAMA'S LAST ISSUE!!!! :) It was decent, I guess, but still... I can't wait for Dodson to come back and Faerber (is that spelled right?) to sign on. It'll be awesome! Guest art wasn't horrible, though, and although the story was a bit weird, it was okay. But I can't wait for next month, even if Paige is coming back.

Generation X # 48:
Wow! Faerber is awesome, and I am really glad he'll be taking over. A pretty cool issue, I thought; although the whole Paige thing might have been just a bit overdone (I mean, come on - "cutie"?!). Eh, well, I'll live with it, I guess, but come on! Fix her! She's not like that, and you know it. Glad Dodson's back as well, and the girls are starting to look different! :) Good issue, and I look forward to what's in store.

X-Force # 85:
Not bad! Art was cool, story was cool, basically a good issue. The whole mystical witch thing was pretty cool - exactly what can Dani do, and how many things has she been in her past? A lot, I suppose... I'm sorry, maybe this is stuff I'm supposed to know, but I just started reading the book! But really, it's not that hard to follow, and all in all I thought it was a cool story and a welcome little distraction type thing.

X-Force # 86:
Well, the side trip threw me off at first, and I obviously missed something about ten issues ago, but I managed to pick up on what was going on fairly well. This was an interesting issue; remided me of Miri or something like that on Star Trek for some reason. The Odysseus guy's pretty intimidating - it should be interesting in the future! My only complaint is that Dani was absolutely fine - what about what happened to her last issue? Wasn't she hurt or something?! How'd she get better, and why hasn't anyone said anything regarding that? I wanna know what happened!

So, Sam's back on X-Force, huh? Not my favorite team, but I guess since I'm such a loyal Sam fan, I'll follow 'em around for a while, and we'll see what happens...

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