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Cornballs and Icicles:
The Poor Neglected Mutants Webpage

Okay, now this looks pretty much like the old one, and the reason is that I just don't feel like working on it right now. So you know the drill:

This is Jinxo's shrine to the two best mutants on the X-Men: Cannonball and Iceman! Cannonball has since moved to X-Force, I know, and Iceman has all but disappeared from the face of the Earth, but they're still my favorite, and they're still neglected!

Samuel Zachary Guthrie, aka Cannonball, used to co-lead the New Mutants before he joined X-Force. He was promoted to the X-Men for a while, but has since moved back to X-Force. Sam possesses the ability to generate a thermal blasting shield, turning him into a human rocket and also rendering him invincible; plus, he's immortal - pretty cool, huh? I wonder if he can blast himself into orbit...? He's one of six or seven (I think - maybe eight?) children in the infamous Guthrie Clan (although it's not quite as extensive as the Summers Clan!) native to Kentucky, and also sports a really cool southern accent! His younger sister Paige is currently affiliated with Generation X as the mutant Husk.

Also known as the "ever-adjectevial Robert Drake," Iceman is not as thoroughly neglected (well, now he is - where the heck is he?!), but is rather my other favorite X-man. He's from Fort Washington, New York, and can condense the moisture in the air around him into ice, as well as turn his body into pure ice (so he doesn't look like a snowman anymore!); not to mention those cool ice slides of his! The relentless prankster is basically the team clown, leaving pranks and furious teammates in his wake. Although you have to wonder about the curious fact that all he wears is his 'underwear' and a pair of boots...
"Skating on thin ice"
"Way too hot"

These two mutants are both an essential yet totally unappreciated part of the X-Teams, and deserve to be recognized for who they are. So here's their page, totally devoted to the two of them. Stick around for a while, look through my stuff, and don't forget to have fun!

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Disclaimer: Cannonball, Iceman, the X-Men, and any other stuff (characters, teams, books, etc.) are not mine. They belong exclusively to the Marvel Entertainment Group, and I just took them out to show them off and get them some recognition!!